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Featuring Guided Sessions, Mushroom Cultivation, and Extraction Classes

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Next available date: July 20, 2024

Advanced techniques optimized for long-term results

Guided Sessions, Mushroom Cultivation, and Neuroscience Education


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Private Retreat Center

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5-Day Intensive Retreat Program

$3,975 USD – Private Economy Room
$4,475 USD – Private Standard Room
$4,975 USD – Private Premium Room
All prices are based on single occupancy. Add a second guest to your room for an additional $2,500. Transport from the Mexico City airport included.
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Add Additional Days to Your Retreat

$375 USD – Per Additional Night



Up to 5 additional nights maximum. Available only for select retreats. Airport transportation will be an additional charge with the addition of extra days.

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To get started, fill out the form above with your contact information and select your preferred retreat date from the drop down menu. Once submitted, we will contact you soon to help you choose an available room and guide you through the booking process.

Expansive Estate With Premium Private Rooms

Standard Rooms

Economy Rooms

visiting with a friend?

Add an additional person to your room for just $2500.00. Inclusive of all program activities and services.

The Eleusinia Program

A comprehensive all-inclusive 5-day retreat meticulously crafted to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to bring about meaningful change both during and beyond your stay.

Guided Sessions

Two professionally guided sessions are included per retreat.

Guided Vaporized Session

One guided vaporized session is included per retreat.

1-on-1 Integrations

We provide multiple personalized & diverse integration sessions.

Mushroom Growing

We empower our visitors by offering a mushroom growing class.

Meditation Sessions

Specialized meditation and breath-work practices to aid induction into altered states of consciousness.

Neuroscience Education

We offer detailed presentations on relevant neuroscience topics.

Massage Therapy

We include a one hour soothing hot stone massage to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ice Bath Session

One cold exposure session to boost alertness, energy, and focus.

Authentic Cultural Experience

We're committed to preserving authentic indigenous ceremonial practices.

Continuing Support

Our commitment to your well-being continues post-retreat with six months of access to our private integration network included.

Who visits Eleusinia?

Consciousness Expansion

Approximately 30% of Eleusinia visitors are looking to expand their consciousness, exploring the enrichment potential of plant medicine beyond medicinal benefits.

Mental Health

Approximately 40% of Eleusinia visitors seek to improve mental health, inspired by promising clinical trials for depression, OCD, and addiction.

Pain Management

Approximately 30% of Eleusinia visitors utilize our expertise in chronic pain management, harnessing the untapped potential of plant medicine for physical relief.

A comprehensive, all-inclusive five-day retreat meticulously crafted to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to bring about meaningful change both during and beyond your stay.

What Exactly Is A Science-Based Retreat?

Eleusinia is a retreat that masterfully integrates modern research with a profound understanding of the effects of plant-based substances on the brain. Here, you’ll encounter a unique blend of scientific rigor and consciousness exploration to unlock your full potential.

These remarkable substances serve as potent tools for elevating consciousness, deepening spirituality, and potentially shielding the brain and arteries from age-related maladies. Moreover, they offer an effective solution for individuals grappling with chronic pain or illness by harnessing anti-inflammatory properties and promoting neuroplasticity.

In our retreats, we skillfully harmonize the worlds of science and spirituality, ensuring you benefit from the best of both realms.

The Eleusinia Story

Jessica established Eleusinia after finding successful relief from Hemicrania Continua, a debilitating headache condition through plant medicine. Eleusinia represents her vision of blending an authentic cultural medicinal experience with the latest in neuroscience to create a personalized, balanced retreat.

We value your privacy

We value your privacy at Eleusinia Retreat. To respect the confidentiality of our visitors, we have a strict no-photography policy and do not share identifiable photos on social media.

Heat sensitive? Don't worry! Eleusinia's dedicated facility is located in the mountains of Valle De Bravo, Mexico, where the average yearly high is 70° with an average low of 50°.

Retreat Reviews

Patrick Ciappara
Patrick Ciappara
January 30, 2024
Went here in November. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Life changing. The staff are unbelievable and instill a level of comfort that allows you to work on yourself without worries. The grounds are amazing, and the food is so tasty! I truly cannot say enough great things about Eleusinia. Listen to the podcast, read the reviews and go. 2 months later and I still feel great. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Jessica and crew. I'll be back one day.
Eva Contis
Eva Contis
January 29, 2024
If you are serious about your mental health or managing pain Eleusinia is the retreat for you. They don’t just provide a safe place for a psychedelic experience, the team at Eleusinia is committed to providing personal care. It is clear that everyone on their diverse team is educated and loves what they do. They understand the power of psychedelics scientifically (and spiritually) and, most importantly, how to make them work for you. They have an unbelievable ability to build community in a short period of time and help you integrate the experience into your life. They also teach you how to enhance the experience with ongoing practices so you can continue to grow once you set foot off their stunning property. They truly care about every person that walks through their doors and they provide an opportunity for you to take control of your life and lay your burden down.
Fifth Day
Fifth Day
January 24, 2024
Extraordinary…so extraordinary that I am compelled to write my first review in 53 years. I attended the January 2024 retreat. The entire program is designed with YOU and your individual needs as Eleusinia’s top priority. The retreat was a flawless blend of science, pleasure and spirituality. The staff flowed together as a unit yet had individual strengths and impeccable credentials. The food and accommodations were superb. Bonus! The grounds are breathtaking, exotic and incredibly private. I went in with a mixture of healthy cynicism and waning hope. Eleusinia curated an experience for me that greatly lessened the pain I have incurred from a chronic pain condition that I have suffered from for 6 years…6 years of countless doctor appointments, zero answers and failed traditional medicine. If you are reading this…and you are suffering…I highly encourage you to reach out to Jessica personally. They are incredibly responsive. She has so much knowledge and compassion and her personal suffering led her down this path to help others. That’s a rare find and I wish I had done it sooner. My heart is full and my head is clear so I may now move forward with my life. Godspeed.
Juanita Bethers
Juanita Bethers
January 23, 2024
Just perfect!
Peter Lucas
Peter Lucas
December 28, 2023
I second and third the previous reviews. My wife and I attended the retreat this year, though at separate times. The professionalism and compassion of the staff create a safe, loving, and supportive milieu that promotes connection and growth. Bonding with them and other participants is immediate and deep. My fellow psychedelic travelers and I had unique experiences that we were able to share with each other and, most constructively, process with staff afterwards. We all agreed it was a very worthwhile experience. Many experienced profound insights and healing. Speaking as a psychiatrist, I can attest to the integrity of the staff and therapeutic soundness of the program.
jaime carcamo
jaime carcamo
November 26, 2023
Eleusinia is by far one of the best retreats I've experienced. The location, the food, and the incredible and genuine attention you get from the team is healing in itself. I'm already planning my return for a second retreat at Eleusinia.
November 22, 2023
Awesome experience. I Trust their team 100%, they are very professional, caring and knowledgeable. Would not change a thing. Don’t take a chance with other places, this is it. I’m very glad I took the time to research and talk to Jessica.
Jerri Swenson
Jerri Swenson
November 16, 2023
Wonderful setting and food, but the staff were absolutely great, very loving and supportive. Don’t EVEN consider going anywhere else!
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia
November 14, 2023
UPDATE 11/23 My wife and I just returned from our second visit to Eleusinia. I wish “plant”medicine work was more normalized because it is safe and can be life changing. Mushrooms will not solve your problems overnight but they are an incredibly powerful tool that can help us do deep healing work quickly. It can be as effective as years of therapy in a day. Whether you are a healthy normal person looking to experience altered states of consciousness or someone dealing with severe anxiety or depression, the team at Eleusinia is just wonderful. Loving, compassionate, human. Though I now regularly work with mushrooms at home, I will continue to return to Eleusinia because their support, guidance and most of all their love help me to be vulnerable enough to face the really hard stuff. I have much work left to do but I am on the healing path. Facing and healing your pain is the hardest and most rewarding work you can do. If you are considering a psilocybin retreat, I can’t recommend Eleusinia highly enough! They are like family to us. Side note: if you are into birds, the area is a birders paradise so bring your optics. Eleusinia retreat is a special place. The difference is love. I navigated easily the most difficult experience of my life during this retreat. The safe space created by this amazing team allowed me to process some heavy emotional baggage I had been carrying around since I was a little boy. I am not an overly emotional person but I cried, a lot! I cried harder and for longer than I thought possible, but I felt safe to do so. I was humbled repeatedly by the power of the medicine and love and compassion I received from Jessica, Jay, Tawnya, Josefina, Andrew and Yamil.

Eleusinia Origin Story

Eleusinia Retreat was born out of my personal journey of finding successful relief from my debilitating headache condition, Hemicrania Continua through plant medicine. Early in my process, I embarked on a search for a retreat, only to discover a lack of inclusive spaces within the retreat community that embraced rationalism.

Initially, I felt that my skepticism and inquisitive nature were unwelcome amidst the spiritually and mystically inclined atmosphere prevalent in the retreat community. Determined to bridge this gap, I founded Eleusinia Retreat as a manifestation of my vision—a place where an authentic cultural experience converges with the latest advancements in neuroscience and psychopharmacology. It embodies the best aspects of all approaches.

My goal has been to establish a retreat that strikes a harmonious balance between clinical environments and the profound spiritual aspects that can enhance these transformative experiences. Maintaining a program firmly rooted in medical science, while preserving the integrity and reverence for the original culture, became paramount. New Age influences and misinformation were consciously avoided, ensuring that Eleusinia Retreat remains a bastion of authenticity and respect.

At Eleusinia Retreat, we celebrate the fusion of science and spirituality, cultivating an environment where both are honored. It is a place where individuals can embark on their personal journeys with the utmost confidence, knowing that they are immersed in a program guided by medical expertise, cultural reverence, and unwavering respect.


We understand that you have many options to consider when choosing a retreat. Beyond the substances themselves, there are significant differences among retreat centers in terms of quality, offerings, and privacy. 

Eleusinia stands out with the most immersive and intensive program currently available. Committed to your ongoing success, Eleusinia is the ONLY retreat offering exclusive mushroom cultivation and extraction classes.
Do specific substances interest you? Many Eleusinia visitors find their vaporized session as impactful, if not more so, than their mushroom experience. Since many other retreats don’t offer vaporized sessions, this could be a compelling reason to choose Eleusinia.
Is safety a top concern? Having a 24-hour on-site medical professional like Eleusinia is quite rare in the industry. Most retreats, if they have medical staff at all, hire contractors specifically for session hours. Alternatively, in places like Oregon, the service center may have their own medical staff which will not be present at all when they bus you back to the AirBNB after the session.
Does privacy and comfort matter to you? If you wouldn’t normally consider sharing a room or a bathroom with a stranger on a regular vacation, then now is probably not a good time to start. In fact, privacy and other creature comforts become even more important in combination with the neuroplasticity induced by retreat activities.
Does quality matter to you? If a retreat operates solely in temporary rentals with a revolving door of outside vendors for yoga classes, sound baths, meals, and medical services, they can’t guarantee consistency and quality. Eleusinia’s staff and location are fixed, ensuring consistently high-quality service.
How does Eleusinia differ from other retreats in locations like Oregon? The key difference lies in the setup of the sessions. Oregon retreats typically don’t host these sessions on their premises; instead, they transport participants to off-site service centers for psilocybin experiences. While many advertise picturesque “retreat centers” surrounded by nature, the reality is that your experience occurs off-site, akin to a salon park where rooms are rented to different organizations.

Contrary to this, Eleusinia takes a different approach. We don’t shuttle visitors elsewhere for the sessions; everything happens right here on our 100-acre private, gated facility. This setup allows guests to truly immerse themselves in the environment, fostering a deeper connection with the space and ensuring a safe and exclusive experience guided by our trained staff.
How is Eleusinia distinct from other retreats in Mexico? Our retreat center is a fully private gated estate in a cool, serene mountain setting—not a bustling, hot beach town. Eleusinia’s atmosphere is focused and mature, free from party culture distractions. We prioritize your long-term progress and success. Many retreats in Mexico are situated in lively beach towns, using temporary Airbnb rentals or condos with shared common areas. The pictures might look enticing, showing lovely amenities like pools, beaches, and gyms, but imagine what these spaces would be like full of rowdy and possibly inebriated vacationers. Due to these setups, you might be confined indoors during the actual sessions. Eleusinia, on the other hand, provides privacy and safety, allowing sessions in our expansive private gardens.

We get it—flying off to a foreign land for a retreat experience can sound nerve-wracking. And sure, Mexico City might not be the first place that pops into your mind for a relaxing getaway; it’s not exactly topping the charts in your average tourist brochure. But hey, stepping off that well-trodden path? It’s got perks, and we promise, taking this leap of faith with us will be worth it.

When you choose us, you’re opting for an experience that goes above and beyond. Our private, dedicated location and expert team allow us to offer more than your average retreat. We’re talking tangible value that trumps anything you’ll find elsewhere. 

Valle de Bravo? Think of it as Mexico City’s posh Hamptons—a hotspot for the city’s elite to unwind. And us? Well, we’re carving out our niche as the Davos of psychedelic retreats, where luxury meets deep conversations about mind-altering practices.

More than 800 delighted guests from various corners of the globe have enjoyed our seamless airport pick-up service. This process involves a smooth transition from the airport terminal to the Courtyard Marriott via a skybridge, where they meet our transport to begin their journey to our retreat center. While a few visitors opt to explore popular city spots, the majority don’t venture beyond the airport before boarding our Mercedes Sprinter van and heading to our location.

Eleusinia’s decision not to operate in the US is rooted in several factors, including legalities and budget considerations.

Firstly, one of the substances we work with is prohibited across the US, and yet it’s the vaporized substance that many of our visitors find profoundly transformative and describe as the highlight of their stay. If we were to operate in the US, we’d have to omit it from our program, including the extraction course. This would undoubtedly result in a subpar experience for our guests, and we’re not willing to compromise on quality.

Additionally, operating in Oregon, with its new laws, would pose challenges. We’d have to shuttle participants to and from service centers for sessions, which we believe would significantly detract from the overall guest experience, based on our extensive experience in the field.

Furthermore, running a fully dedicated private retreat center with 10 individual guest rooms and a full-time staff is costly. The expenses would be exponentially higher in the US compared to Mexico. Being in Mexico allows us to offer a premium experience at a reasonable price. We prioritize personal space and provide tailored support with luxurious touches—all within a budget-friendly framework that wouldn’t be possible in the US.

Absolutely not! We understand the importance of privacy, especially during transformative experiences like therapeutic retreats. Sharing a room with a stranger can introduce unexpected challenges—think snoring, differing bathroom habits, or general messiness—that can detract from your retreat experience. After all, we’ve outgrown the summer camp bunk bed days, right?

At Eleusinia, each of our 10 guestrooms is reserved for private bookings, complete with its own ensuite bathroom. While you can choose to add another guest (friend, family member, partner, etc.) to your room for an additional fee of $2500, rest assured that we will never assign a stranger to share your space. We firmly believe that maintaining peace and privacy is crucial for a positive retreat experience. Unlike other retreats that may pair strangers together, we prioritize your comfort and well-being by ensuring private accommodations.

When it comes to medical care, Eleusinia stands out. We have a US-trained and licensed nurse (RN/CCRN) available 24/7, along with an on-call MD for consultations.

Unlike some other retreats, where medical professionals may have limited involvement, we prioritize continuous and comprehensive support. Many retreats boast about having a medical pro onboard, but it’s often more of a cameo appearance during intake or specific sessions. It’s like having a guest star who might not show up when you need them most. We get it—medical needs don’t stick to office hours. Whether it’s a headache or trouble sleeping after a session, our dedicated team is here to assist and ensure your comfort throughout your retreat.

While retreats in places like Oregon may offer access to a service center with medical staff during sessions, post-session care can be lacking. The licensing and certification for Oregon often don’t focus on medical aspects, leaving gaps in addressing issues like insomnia or headaches post-session. No amount of talk therapy is going to help you at 2am with a post macrodose headache or insomnia. At Eleusinia, we believe in the importance of ongoing medical support after the session, considering it just as crucial, if not more so, than during the experience itself.

At Eleusinia Retreat, we prioritize individualized care, offering a flexible dosing system to maximize the potential of each journey. Our focus on response-based dosing, coupled with careful reassessment and support, ensures that every guest has an impactful and transformative experience.

While clinical trials have their place in science, they can be a bit…well, clinical. They’re often designed to answer specific scientific questions, which may not always align with what’s best for the individual participant. 

Clinical trials can be restrictive, excluding many potential participants, limiting dosing and substances, and confining the environment to sterile office settings—all in the name of precision and budget management. But here at Eleusinia, your progress and well-being are our top priorities, not university budgets or data purity.

So, while some retreats may boast about operating like clinical trials, we’re not quite convinced that’s the ultimate flex they think it is. We prefer a more personalized and holistic approach to ensure you get the most out of your experience with us.

The closest airports are Mexico City (Mex) and Toluca (TLC). Mexico City is the best choice for flights arriving from outside of Mexico while Toluca may be the best choice for local flights.

If flying in on the start day of the retreat, please choose a flight that arrives before 11:00am and a flight leaving after 3:30pm on the last day for your return.

Yes. Our private transport that is included in the retreat cost picks up everyone from the Airport Courtyard Marriott located in Mexico City on the start date of the retreat. The Airport Courtyard Marriott is connected to the airport via a sky-bridge located in Terminal 1. If you happen to land in Terminal 2, a train to Terminal 1 is available. If pre-selected pick-up times are not feasible, we also offer private transportation at an additional cost.  

We categorize conflicts based on two criteria: (1) whether they present a safety concern and (2) whether they affect the quality of the experience. It is recommended that guests discuss their medication list with their healthcare provider for their personal safety and wellbeing. We are happy to point out specific interactions we are familiar with, but your healthcare provider should be the ultimate authority and source on these matters.

At Eleusinia, we proudly embrace a program tailored to celebrate the comfort and individuality of every participant, including those who value a more introverted experience. Our unique approach eliminates formal group discussions, ensuring that all integration sessions are conducted one on one. Engaging in group interactions is centered around natural mealtime conversations, fostering a relaxed atmosphere where no one ever feels pressured to speak in front of a group. During the sessions, participants are allowed to explore the garden, interact with support staff, or settle into their own cozy garden nooks for a deeply personal exploration. Benefiting from our exclusively private room bookings, guests can effortlessly retreat to their rooms without concerns about disruptions from roommates. This affords them the opportunity to recharge their social batteries in a serene and inviting environment without any worries.

Though not ideal, we can make arrangements for visitors with non-participating caretakers. We just ask that nonparticipants leave the facility and self-isolate during the days there are sessions to avoid interaction with participants while in that delicate state.

At Eleusinia retreat we have crafted a vegetarian menu with authentic flavors of Mexico. 

At Eleusinia, we pride ourselves on creating an intimate and personalized experience for our guests. Our retreat villa boasts ten cozy and well-appointed bedrooms and is situated on 100 acres of lush forest.

Additionally, we limit our group sizes to a maximum of 15 people, allowing for focused attention and a more personalized experience. This small group size enables our guests to receive individualized support and guidance from our experienced team, who are dedicated to helping each guest achieve their wellness goals. By keeping our groups small, we can tailor our program to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual, ensuring a truly transformative and unforgettable experience for all.

The minimum age to visit Eleusinia through our standard booking process is 25 years old. Younger adult individuals may visit, but with enhanced screening and may also be asked to be accompanied by a relative. To start the screening process for an individual below 25, please email us at info@eleusiniaretreat.com.

The menu at Eleusinia is vegetarian, plant-based with eggs and dairy, so it is generally kosher compatible. If a meal time falls on Shabbat, we can arrange to serve food prepared ahead of time. Likewise, if a departure time falls on Shabbat, we can arrange for the observant guests to stay an extra night to avoid travel during those hours.

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Jessica Khurana


Jay K.

Chief Financial Officer

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Medical Coordinator

Tyler S.

Psychedelic Support Specialist

Emilio C.

Meditation Coach

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